About Us

We are a family business from the UK and have been taking vitamins and minerals ourselves for decades.

Everyone employed at Nutribioticals is university educated. We understand the science and importance of vitamins and minerals for optimum health in many areas.

We wanted to create a brand that provided real value and only used ingredients of absolute premium quality. A brand that we ourselves would be happy to use knowing that every detail was thought out meticulously, from sourcing ingredients to providing the best customer care. In 2012 Nutribioticals was born.

We couldn’t find any specific products to help with our productivity and relaxation, so we created Optineuro and Zenphorol. As we were now directly connected to the top manufacturer’s we discovered many vitamins, such as B12, D3 etc., come in many different qualities. For example, B12 can come as Cyanocobalamin or Methylcobalamin, these can also come in various strengths such as 50%, 75% and ‘100% pure’.

We were shocked that some manufacturers were using the weaker strength ingredients, because they are cheaper to produce, to maximise their profits. Our philosophy is to always use the best quality ingredients possible, even if they are more expensive to produce. We are using these product ourselves, putting them in our bodies every day. We have to have the best!

Premium quality

We go the extra mile

After checking many products on the market we truly believe we are the only company that puts this kind of attention to manufacturing. Every company we look at has some cheaper made, low quality products, at premium prices.

Products that would be popular with sports people or military personnel, we get tested by Informed Sport, to guarantee they contain no banned substances whatsoever. It’s important for us go the extra mile in our production, so you can go the extra mile in your training with complete peace of mind.

Customer Care is of Paramount Importance

We also take great pride in excellent customer service. We treat people how we would want to be treated ourselves. We will always reply, to every customer query, as quickly as possible, guaranteed in 24 hours during business days. Have a question? Head to the Contact Us page and drop us an email via the form.

Make a difference

We’re big believers in ‘giving back’, over the years we’ve donated to charities such as Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital and Mind. We’re currently partnered with Vitamin Angels, a global organization that provide life-changing vitamins to at-risk women and children. A percentage of every single sale goes towards a donation to Vitamin Angels, so thank you for shopping with us. Together we can make a difference, for ourselves and the world around us.

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